September 16, 2009

Charlie Bartlett who?

Just finished watching Charlie Bartlett.
After days and days and days of uploading.

The movie is what I expected it to be
(as my sister kept telling me to watch it),

and I actually like it! >.<

Three words =
Quirky, funny and witty.

It is an independent film, which was released back in 2007.
(damn, I'm two years late man!)

That is why it never premiered here, in Malaysia.

The Main Casts:

Anton Yelchin, the HERO
(whom I've never heard of before and as my sister kept saying, he's darn cute!)
is suprisingly, cute, and witty, and funny.
I would want a guy like him to keep in my closet myself!
(minus when he was a drug dealer of course)

Kat Dennings (what's with the burning hot red lipstick girl?) who plays Susan Gardner which reminds me a lot of Zer, a friend of Shiela's which I've met in Facebook.

Charlie Bartlett and Susan Gardner, on the piano.

Step into Dr. Barlett's office for therapy sessions.

and then there's Robert Downey Jr., as an alcoholic principal,
the father of Susan Gardner.

Oh yeah, the term, "This is a school, not a prison," should be taken seriously.
For us teachers, I mean.

Surprisingly, Tyler Hilton, which acted as Chris Keller in One Tree Hill is in this movie too,
whom taken the role as a bully with a disturbingly mohawk hair.
Thank goodness he still has that cute feature of his.

Overall, 4 stars out of 5 is fair enough I guess.

So, if you like Juno and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
(which also featured Kat Dennings),

this movie is a definite MUST-SEE!

This is one of my favorite scene, THE Yankee Doodle scene.
I just can't stop LOL-ing.
Just hit the play button guys, Charlie Bartlett sure will make you smile.

people like YOU, are the reason people like ME need medication.

September 8, 2009

The Good Looking and Sexy (TGS) ones.

You guys must be wondering.
Who the hell are these good looking and sexy (TGS) ones?
Let the pictures do the talking.
I've got nothing to blog about.
Puasa. Brain is not properly functional.
So, here goes,

BUKA PUASA GATH with TGS girls 06/09/09

Selfi was doing that cleopatra pose.
*laugh out loud*

Bye-bye to those who can't make it. Specifically to Fadhillah. :D
Au revoir!

Goyang, goyang, goyang kepala goyang! *singing to Shiena*

Meh suap meh! >.<

Curry Mee! Yum!

Ugh. Rase lapar lak!

I should be in, too!



Ooh! I lalalove this pic! >.<

And this one too! Who's the photographer? >.<

Wani, the tour guide was being left out. *laugh out loud*

The Kakis.

Oink! Oink! Oink!

Susu, pandai gak ko snapped gambar eh!

The tour guide sesat buat kali kedua. *roll on the floor laughing*

Atlast, we found the piggy!


9 TGS Girls + Makan2 + 2 Gossips + Camwhoring to the power of 3 + Piggy Hunting + Double Triple Jokes and Laughs = One hell of a nite!

I had so much fun laughing, it's been quite a while since I laughed that hard. Thanks guys. We should plan another one soon! A trip maybe? Or iceskating?

Anything will do.

I heart you guys. Much love.

Will continue watching Charlie Bartlett.


August 28, 2009

MTV World Stage, my first big concert: Part II.

hello again! thanks for sticking around.
(mesti korang pikir, apehal lak stick around, dah ko tagged aku kan? it's been two weeks dah pun. Mtv World Stage fever dah habis dah. haha. tak kira. nak story gak. :P)

so now, i'm gonna go straight, no belok2, wanna tell you guys about the performances.

it started with Estranged, rocking out as the opening act. well, they were awesome, and i'm proud of them because they are one of the Malaysian rock bands that can make it big internationally, but i'm not very fond of them. i'm just very fond to Andy Estranged je. hehe.
i'm not that familiar with their songs, i recalled “Itu Kamu” number je, yang lain aku tatau. :P and mase tu belum start terkinja lagi, masih shy shy cat dengan Shiela and Ami yang baru ku jumpe dan kenal.

oooh Andy! >.<

erk. who's the mime?

then, it was Boys Like Girls turn to rock. gosh, Martin Johnson was damn hot! seriously! i was like drooling all the way they perform. they were superb! fantastically freaking awesome! they were playing their hit numbers such as Hero/Heroine (damn, I love that song!), The Great Escape and Thunder (the crowd went wild and we sang along with Martin, basically he didn’t have to sing, he didn’t have to do anything, us the crowd were doing his part, singing all the way. and rocking all the way. us Malaysians really know how to rock, despite all the sweats, the humidity, and the crowdedness.) his vocals were awesome! he can really hit high notes, live! Martin was even made credits to the bands performing by making us screaming their names, how cool is that? and he even climbed off that scaffolding. damn, he's cool, and cute too! i just cant get enough of the boys! di saat ini lah daku sudah mula start terkinja-kinja sambil bertopeng! haha. Ami too. Shiela tak sangat, sebab mood die swing swing from the table side, my heart is crush by a former love, ( haha, AAR belum perform lagi ah. :P) that’s why tak berani kacau die. :P

me, YOU *points at me* and my medication. lmao.

marry me, Mr Martin Johnson. (this is an honest proposal okay people). :D

kay, enough about the boys, it was Raygun’s turn. Raygun is a rising british act, so i bet not many peeps know about them. ive listened to their songs once or twice, and i actually like them. they were awesome too. okayla. band baru kan. not that familiar with them. somehow the frontman reminded me of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. :)

the next Alex Turner, may be?

once they performed, it was Pixie Lott’s turn, the british hot blondie. the only female singer for that nite. i don’t really listen to Pixie Lott, but her songs are cool. like a lil bit of Katy Perry, mix up with Taylor Swift looks kinda songs kot. and surprisingly kan, Ami tau almost all the songs as she sang along to them. i never knew that she's into Pixie Lott too. that’s why i called her super girl-who-knows-it-all-lyric. way cool. :)

hot eh?

oh gosh. panjang benar ni. shall be continued in part III.


(photos are courtesy of MTV

August 17, 2009

MTV World Stage, my first big concert: Part I.

first thing first, to shiela and ami, sila jangan menyampah with me for posting this. :P i was just damn excited, gile nye, and i also wanna make everyone who didnt come last nite, jealous like hell. :P

embrace yourself guys, it is gonna be a long one. :D

my amazing hectic saturday started with peeps kept calling me for the MTV World Stage tickets. jadi famous la for one day. lol. yup, i sold a pair of tickets. buat bisnes sket. if tak jadi cikgu, aku ley jadi businesswoman kot. ahaha. arep and nurul were like asking me to sell the tickets for much higher price, tapi if i sell with those prices, tade sape nak beli kot. nak cakap untung, tak gak, sebab voucher xpax tak diredeem. tapi last2 tu kawan ami cakap takyah kene tunjuk IC and sign pun.

so arep, u owe me rm100. hahaha . lmao. :D

enough about the tickets. nak story about the concert lak.

i went there with shiela, tumpang "alfa romeo" die. ahaha. saje menggedik suruh shiela amik aku, nak bermanje2. haha. it was the first time i've met her. finally! first time jumpe, i was like, gile superCOOL shiela! and superHOT too! (ikhlas ni babe, ko kene belanje aku caramel frapp ok? :P) nasib i'm not a guy, (or a lesbo as a matter of fact. haha.) and she was like a mom too, kira boleh jadi ibu mithali la, dah boleh kawin ah. ahaha. oh and i learned a new word from shiela. now i know what is COD. cash on delivery. kurang pengetahuan am betul aku ni. haha.

we make a great couple, eh? *wink-wink*

after that, sampai kt entrance, we met ami, arep's college buddy. first time hanging out with her, she's like supercute! and superhyper too! and super girl-who-knows-it-all-lyrics. a girl with a very loud voice she is. :D

wanna know why? stick around. :P

with ami, my madu. yeah, we're married to tyson ritter and henry golding. and im engaged to martin johnson. haha. lmao. :D

at first we were like standing in the middle of the surf beach. damn, it was fcuking crowded gile, sampai aku tak boleh bernafas. dahlah crowded, pastu the guys who stood in front of us were like tall, tinggi macam galah, pastu dengan bau rokok lagi. i was like,

dudes, don’t you guys know that we couldn’t smoke once we got into the surf beach? duhh!

sesak gak ah masa tu. me and shiela were wearing mask for caution. we were like, a mask rider join venture with tuxedo bertopeng (sailormoon nye laki). macam nak g berperang, bak kate shiela. :D

tuxedo bertopeng female version. :D

pastu tetiba my annoying little sis called. die nak extra ticket, nasib baik darrell xjadi g, kalau tak, memang kawan die tu tak dapat masuk. gile ah. dahla dah berdiri kat tengah2 tu, tetibe kene kua balik la. i was like, wtf? she was getting on my nerves! bukan nak cakap awal2. so i had to go back to the main entrance which i felt like a miles away from the surf beach. gile penat. rase nak pengsan pun ade mase tu. and dalam hati aku menyumpah seranah, i was even yelling at my sis when she called. once i passed the extra ticket, i made a u-turn back to the beach. dalam hati cakap, just smile lisa, just smile. (shiela and ami, you guys tatau hakikat sebenar kan? haha.)

while waiting for the gig to start, i’ve met kecik. die tegur dulu. i was like, tak sangka dalam beribu-ribu lemon orang ni, ley terjumpe dengan die. serious ke kecik, i looked diff ke? ramai kot yang cakap camtu. tapi about the taller thingy, i rase tak sangat kot. ke you tu yang makin kecik? :P i tot sara was going, but she didnt, if not ley sembang2 kejap with me and kecik. :)

will be continued in part II. :D

we rocked hard: sweating, jumping up and down, singing along and screaming like mad, hell yeah! \m/

p/s: this is like a tribute sket to shiela and ami for rocking out with me that nite. thanks babes. you guys are awesome. i heart you guys. ^.^

July 9, 2009

who's loving you, who's loving me?

there are three things that i'm certain of;

1. i'm starting to like teaching. believe it or not, i do. great teacher lisa (GTL) in making. now now kids, be patience, i know you guys are eager to have this teacher by the name lisa farhana to teach you chemistry, cikgu lisa farhana to be exact. :D

2. i'm so over him, as in HIM, the guy with that cute silly face, with a cute silly smile.

3. i'm still grieving, and mourning for our late king of pop, michael jackson.

but, there are also three things that i'm not sure of;

1. i'm having this mixed up feelings again. darn. i thought i made the right decision. did i? or did i not?

2. i'm not that obsessed with either adam lambert, or rob pattinson, kot. :P

3. last night i went out with my former crush, which i don't have that lovey dovey fling anymore, kot. he treated me dinner. and as usual, him with his nervousness made me chuckled a bit. berpeluh-peluh mase makan, pedas kot. so cute of him. then later that night, he was like asking me about my current status, i bet he knew about it when he checked my fb. so i told him about farhan, and suddenly he was being weird, cam sedih pun ade gak. he said,

"saye memang nak kawan-kawan dulu,"

when i encouraged him about being friends with the girl that he likes.

then he said,

"saye memang nak slow-slow, tapi sebab slow ah sume dah diamik orang. nak buat camne, redha je la,"

and i was like eager nak tau, so i asked him who and all. die tak jawab.

instead, he said he wanted to go to bed, he got class early in the morning.

he left me with so many questions. i've been thinking, is there a chance he likes me? nahhh. cannot be la kan. takkanlah he likes me, kot.

damn. i'm confused. and i'm not that happy being with you-know-who right now. i thought we can work this thing out, but he kept on getting on my nerves. i'm cheering myself right now by listening to one of the jackson five's greatest hits,

who's loving you.

who's loving me?

June 3, 2009

my funny valentine.

him and his sister.

just looking at this picture.
make me feel like an outcast.
imagine if i ever came into his family.
i will be the clown, the joker the very least.


should i be his funny valentine? could i be his funny valentine?


My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite work of art

May 28, 2009

vampires, are beautiful creatures.

despite the sharp fangs, their cravings for human blood,

they are just beautiful creatures.

edward cullen.
a beautiful name for a beautiful-looking vampire.
every girls wish to be bella swan.
every girls wish to be immortal.
every girls dream of having the eternal love.
eventhough it is forbidden.

i've found my edward cullen.
but how can he find me?

adam lambert, please be my edward cullen.

p/s: mesti you guys think, lagi-lagi adam lambert kan? well, what can i say, i am madly, deeply in love with him right now. just watch this vid, he's beautiful, so was his singing.

and, i'm proud to announce that i am officially a GLAMBERT. ;)

and it seemed like kelly is so into adam. ;)

May 20, 2009

it's a mad, mad world.

i was up early (8 am is quite early la kan? ;P) just to see who's gonna win the american idol.

i was so damn thrilled when i saw him, the sexy beast, yes, the edward cullen of rock, the rock god, the deadly snake, whatever you want to call him;

the great ADAM LAMBERT.

damn, he's hot! *drools* ;)

he's emo, and so am i!

adam and his clean cut face. he's got gorgeous blue eyes. *melts*

and when ryan was about to announce who's gonna win it, i was feeling very nervous, somehow felt like throwing up. i don't know why the heck i was feeling so nervous, butterflies and hurricanes all over.

"and the american idol 2009 is ..........




"......... kris allen!"

my heart dropped, dropped to the ground and i felt like crying.
(i was such a drama queen kan? haha. ;P)
my jaw dropped, it was shocking, i mean come on, was i dreaming?

the great ADAM LAMBERT didn't win?

why is that? why is that???

it really is a mad, mad world. is the reason why adam didn't win because he's gay? oh come on, we shouldn't judge someone based on his sexual orientation, it's prejudice. and i'm against it. it should be based on talent, and no doubt adam is very talented. who else can hit the high notes as good as adam's?

damn. i know my sister is damn excited her krissy allen won, but it's ok.
adam will be phenomenal, he will be big. just look at david archuleta, clay aiken, they didn't win AI, but they made it, they outshine the american idols themselves. not to worry adam, i will be routing, cheering, and supporting you all the way!

long live adam lambert, the rockgod!

you are my idol, adam! ;)

the young elvis. ;)

who cares if he's gay pun? he's brilliantly talented!

even katy perry is a big fan of him! not just me! ;)

p/s: i know i'm being emo and all (hey, adam lambert is an emo guy what.),
sorry guys. i just want adam to win so bad.

kris is ok, but adam is better! nak buat camne? tade rezeki kot. tape la adam. i bet you're gonna be big and phenomenal, than the so called american idol. just wait and see. anyhow, congrats kris allen for being the american idol! ;)

i fell in love with him for the first time when i heard this song. adam reminded me of muse's matthew bellamy. and i love muse. and of course adam lambert. ;)

and when i first heard this song, i totally head over heels with adam! oh adam~ and somehow this song reminds me of someone. *wink-wink*

how could you be so heartless kris?

it's a mad and cruel world for us, adam, but you've got me by your side.
and this will be the last vid i posted for today. ;)

April 28, 2009

false alarm.

i take back my words.

NOT all guys suck.

there are still nice, decent, boy-next door kinda guys.

i thought they were all dead. or extinct at the very least. but i was wrong. ;)

when it comes to the subject of LOVE, we both failed with flying colors.

i pity you azman, but we are just the same, we are the loners in love, unlucky in love.

you're one of the bestest guy friend i ever have, and i heart you. ;)

let's just forget about this thing called love.

being single is not that bad, we can flirt with whoever we wanted, and then dump them in the trash can or sanitary landfills for good. ha-ha.

am i that cruel or what? ;P

p/s: being emo brings no harm to anyone zaki. i'm not a serial killer. ;P

guys, they should just die.

no offense guys, but i think you guys SUCK.


i'm lucky to be a girl.

all the ladies in the house say oh~ ;)

April 17, 2009

serabai nye si geli mat!

i was LAUGHING MY ARSE OFF to these two vids.

diorang mmg tade keje. buat translations gile lawak camtu.

tapi sangat kelaka. gile babeng ar. wakakaka.

sebelum itu, sila kuatkan volume anda. jangan mute ok?

enjoy! ;D

my fav vid. ;P

ini baru name nye mikail jaksun. (bak kate ayah, my dad. ;P)

April 12, 2009

terbakar macam lilin.

i'm sick and tired being sick and tired.

and i'm burning like a candle. terbakar macam lilin.


p/s: i wanna have a WHITE TIE AFFAIR with the omg-smokin-HOT vocalist, Chris Wallace.

and yeah.
the model shouldn't have exposed too much of her skin. ;P

March 23, 2009

Goodbye Mr A.

terjaga aku dari tidur.
hujan turun dengan lebat.
seolah menangisi nasibnya yang sering malang.
seperti aku.

berbaloi rasa nya tak tidur satu malam.
dapat ku duga hati nya sedikit sebanyak.
biarpun sedikit, ianya membuka mata ku.

adakah selama ini aku hidup di alam fantasi?

earth to lisa. duh!

ya. aku memang sangat desperate.
ya. aku memang selalu berharap pada sesuatu yang belum pasti.
ya. aku memang mudah jatuh cinta.

tapi salah kah jika aku begitu?
salah kah jika aku mempunyai hati dan perasaan dan kau tidak?

biar lah. kini aku mengerti apa yang terbuku dalam hati mu.
biar kau tidak meluahkan. aku mengerti, apa yang tersurat dan tersirat dalam hati mu kini.
biar lah aku membawa diri.
biar kau tidak sudi, aku tak ingin dikecewa lagi.

one down, two more to go.
mr N and mr F.
first come first serve eh?
siapa cepat dia dapat. ;P

goodbye mr A.
so long and farewell.
selamat tinggal.
selamat jalan romeo. ;P

ini ada lagu khas buat mu.

Goodbye Mr A
You promised you would love us
But you knew too much
Goodbye Mr A
You had all the answers
But no human touch
If life is subtraction
Your number is up
Your love is a fraction
It's not adding up

March 22, 2009

a bitch will always be a bitch.

HEY YOU mothafucka bitch!
don't you dare call me a bitch when YOU yourself is a bimbo bitch ever.
you said what?
you hate me, and will always hate me and don't give a damn about me.
i was never existed in your life, whatsoever.
don't ask my friend to be the messenger, she's my friend, she's not yours.
yadayadayada, blablabla.

SO WHAT? like i care!
i don't give a damn at all!
u think i'm still afraid of you? u wanna hunt me down? huh!
u wanna piece of me? bring it on!

guess what? hell i don't give a damn about you and everything about you.
and am never afraid of you.
such a shorty slut but wanna act tough. sedar diri la wey!

go to hell la!
wait. i know you've always wanted to go to hell.
you belong in there too.

when are you gonna stop pissing around?
when are you gonna stop making people feel miserable as they don't go the way like you do?
well guess what. you're not making me feel that way again. EVER.

insaf la wahai siti nur khaleela.
life is short. bile2 mase dunia ley kiamat.
stop being so bitchy and slutty and start caring for other people's feelings.
you're not all that.
ask for Allah's forgiveness. and other people that you've hurt for their forgiveness.
if you don't wanna forgive and forget. fine by me.
i'm not gonna puppy-eyed begging you like i used to do.

you said go fuck myself? well i say,
i don't wanna fuck anyone.

from this moment i will say,
"i don't even know someone by the name siti nur khaleela. is she even existed?"

be it.

p/s: guys, pardon my vulgarity. i was so damn mad with someone. it's been so long since i've cursed people around. kuranglah pahala puasa ku hari ini. hurm hurm hurm.

March 21, 2009

si gadis dan kebodohannya.

di suatu senja, seorang gadis duduk bersendirian sambil tertanya-tanya;

bodoh kah aku kerana menyukai seseorang yang telah menolak aku buat sekian kali kerana takut pada komitmen dan jatuh cinta pada nya kembali?

lama si gadis terdiam. kemudian dia tertanya lagi.

bodoh kah aku kerana menyukai seseorang selama tiga tahun yang hanya sekarang dia menyedari kewujudan ku? adakah harus aku meluahkan atau hanya menunggu sesuatu yang belum pasti?

air mata si gadis bergenangan. kemudian dia tertanya lagi.

bodoh kah aku kerana meninggalkan seseorang yang betul-betul cinta pada ku dan sehingga kini masih menunggu cinta ku bertaut pada nya semula?

apa pendapat kalian? bodoh kah si gadis tersebut?

bagi aku, si gadis itu tidak bodoh.
aku kasihan pada nya.
si gadis tak mampu membezakan definisi cinta dan suka.

bagi aku, cinta yang paling agung hanya lah pada yang satu, Allah SWT yang Maha Esa.

aku berpegang pada prinsip;
john tucker must die. every guy must die! hahaha! ;D

p/s: ini hanya lah fiksyen semata-mata. tiada kaitan dengan aku, kot. ;P

March 16, 2009

tagged again by kakak makcik. ;)

tagged by nurul aka kakak makcik. (tgh bosan thp gaban, tade mood sbb tu buat. hahaha. ;P)

* Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
* Put it on shuffle
* Press play
* For every question, type the song that’s playing
* When you go to a new question, press the next button
* Once completed, tag 5 other people


Opening Credits:
Picture by Kid Rock (feat Sheryl Crow)
- a very sad song indeed about two people who cant be together eventhough they like each other. ade kah kes ini serupa dgn kes "kami"? hurm hurm.

Waking Up:
Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade
- yeah! sangat setuju! im miserably susah nak bangun pagi! haha. ;P

First Day At School:
How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty
- how can we be far when we just set our foot into the school?

Puppy Love:
Holiday by Greenday
- yeah yeah yeah. when i was on vacations, i got struck by puppy loves quite some time. ;)

Fight Song:
The Anthem by Good Charlotte
- i dont ever wanna be just like you! this is a fight song eh? ;)

Breaking Up:
Walking Along by Greenday
- walking along when you've broken up. that is true. ;)

You Versus The Sea by Daphne Loves Derby
- a good song indeed for a cool prom nite. i so wanna dance to this beat with a guy. ehem ehem. who wants to be my prom date?

Life is Good:
When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys
- life is good when the sun goes down! hell yeah! i lalalove u alex turner! hugs and kisses. ;P

All Black by Good Charlotte
- ni time drive malam2 kot. huhu. scarrry! tak pernah drive malam2 oh.

Where You'd Go by Fort Minor
- this song brought back memories. sedeynye! hurm hurm.
where'd you go, i miss u so~
since like its been forever that you've been gone~
please come back home~

True Love:
The Town's Been Talking by The Maine.
- woo. ni cam gossip pasal aku dan ehem ehem je. is he my true love? please let it be him. ;P

Days End by Ivoryline
- so true. once we got married, our jolly days will be ended. hahaha. ;D

Moment of Triumph:
Stuck With Me by Greenday
- tade kene mengena langsung la dey!

Death Scene:
My Paradise by All Time Low
- woo. hopefully it will be true; heaven is a paradise right? ;)

Funeral Song:
Love Machine by Arctic Monkeys
- ape kejadah? huhu.

End Credits:
Cancer by My Chemical Romance
- aiyark. cancer la pulak. takut2. huhuhu.

siap sedia untuk ditag:
1. zaki akizaki.
2. cik lizi.
3. kakak makcik, dh tatau nk tagged sape.
4. sahabat handai ku di fesbuk yang membaca nota kakikukukakaku ini. ;P
5. sape-sape la yang baca blog ku yan tah hape-hape ini.

March 7, 2009

cemburu melihat mereka-mereka itu.

aku cemburu.
cemburu melihat mereka-mereka itu.
mereka-mereka yang berpasang-pasangan.
di kiri ku lihat rancak berbual.
si lelaki berwajah jambu, si perempuan berwajah comel.
sangat cocok sekali.
di kanan ku lihat duduk berapatan.
kurang cocok sedikit, namun mesra berduaan.

rasa hiba tiba-tiba menerpa.
rasa sedih pabila memikirkan.
rasa kesal tiada gunanya.
ku tahankan jua air mata yang ingin mengalir.

hati ini rasa sayu.
sayu pabila mengenangkan harapan yang tiada berkesudahan.
adakah aku yang harus memulakan dahulu?
atau ku harus tunggu dan terus menunggu?
ku tak ingin jadi seperti dahulu.
meluahkan, dan dikecewakan.

itulah kali pertama luahan hati.
dan itu juga lah sekian terakhirnya.
aku tak ingin dikecewakan lagi.
aku tak ingin menangis lagi. :(

February 28, 2009

rumahku, syurgaku.

walaupun agak sukar untuk aku memperkatakannya,
aku harus akui.
benarlah apa yang dikata.
rumahku, syurgaku.
home sweet home.
there's just no place like home.
home is where the heart is.

biar ku tak tahan dengan bebelan mamaku,
biar ku tak sanggup mendengar rungutan ayahku,
biar ku tak gemar pabila mereka bergaduh,
biar ku sering bergaduh dengan adikku,
aku rindukan semua itu.

aku rindu masakan mama yang selalu masak banyak.
aku rindu bebelan nya. (believe it or not!)
aku rindu saat ayah membuat lawak nya.
aku rindu ke-sporting-an nya.
aku rindu nak window shopping dengan adik aku.
aku rindu nak panggil nya dengan nama yang bukan-bukan. (gila jahat.)

aku nak balik rumah!
pertama kali aku terpanggil untuk balik ke rumah.
biarpun baru sebulan berjauhan di upsi.
aku tidak karuan.

Ya Allah, ku pohon Kau beri kekuatan kepadaku,
tinggal dua minggu lagi untuk ku harungi hari-hari sukar sebelum ku pulang ke pangkuan keluarga tercinta.

" let me go home
i'm just too far, from where you are
i wanna come home. "
(michael buble - home)

February 22, 2009

tujuh hari kemudian.

ahad, 22 februari 2009.
7.06 pm.

genap seminggu si dia menghilang.
genap seminggu juga aku diam.

dengan ini, secara rasmi nya, saya yang bernama lisa farhana binti abdul razak telah menjadi janda, semula.

ya. aku single. kenapa? tak percaya?
resolusi tahun baru ku perlu diubah semula, terpaksa.

usah ditanya bila.
usah ditanya mengapa.
usah ditanya bagaimana.

tiada ku rasa sedih.
tiada air mata berlinangan.
apatah lagi bercucuran.
bahkan aku rasa bahagia.
tak perlu hidup berpura-pura.
tak perlu lagi bertikam lidah.
aku sakit hati. si dia amarah.
tak perlu ku teruskan kehidupan seperti itu lagi.

namun jiwaku tidak tenteram.
tiada lagi perhatian 24 jam sehari.
tiada lagi kiriman sms cinta.
tiada lagi suara gelak ketawa di corong telefon.
tiada lagi si dia.

apakah ini petanda bahawa ku merindui diri nya?
oh tidak sama sekali.

ku temui mr right sudah.
atau adakah dia bukan orang nya?

yang nyata aku mudah jatuh cinta.
yang nyata juga aku sering dikecewa.

persoalan demi persoalan timbul di minda.
adakah dia berperasaan yang sama?
adakah aku terlalu mengharap?
adakah aku bermain dengan perasaan ku sendiri?
yang pasti aku tiada jawapan nya.

p/s: ke-skema-an ku adalah inspirasi daripada penulis-penulis yang beraspirasi. sila check witty writers for more info.

dan juga tatkala aku ingin melelapkan mata.
dan semasa di dalam kamar mandi. ;P
rasa untuk menulis membuak-buak.
idea mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum.

as much as I lalalove English,
tapi aku rasa sekali-sekala memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu tak salah kan? Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

February 21, 2009

sepucuk surat kiriman tak rasmi buat sang cupid.

ke hadapan encik cupid chokehold.

saya nak buat satu aduan mengenai tindakan encik cupid ke atas empunya diri ini.
kenapa kah encik cupid telah menembak saya menggunakan pistol tatau model apa, tepat di hati ini? dan tidak lagi menggunakan panah arjuna, senjata tradisional encik cupid itu?

sungguh kejam encik cupid.

mentang-mentang ni bulan februari.
bulan cinta kunun-kunun nya.

tak semena-mena encik cupid menembak saya.
bull's eye lak tu.

saya cedera parah ni.
dikatakan mengalami sindrom terjatuh dan tercinta.
para doktor yang cerdik pandai lagi bijaksana pun tak mampu merawat hati ini yang semakin parah.
perlukan seseorang untuk merawatnya.

tolong saya!

tiada yang benar melainkan yang benar belaka,
lisa farhana yang sengal.

p/s: alamat surat-menyurat terpaksa dirahsiakan atas sebab-sebab peribadi.

a question without an answer, yet.

aku ada soalan.
and soalan tu aku tak dapat jawab.
hingga ke hari ini.

soalan bernilai satu juta hinggit; berbunyi begini (disertai sound effect who wants to be a millionare~):

adakah aku bermain dengan perasaan atau perasaan yg bermain dengan aku?

ini soalan berbentuk structure/essay. jadi tiada jawapan multiple choice disediakan.

sesiapa ada jawapan nya. sila maklumkan pada ku.

sekian, terima kasih.

p/s: aku kempunan ayam golek yang bergolek-golek. ;P

February 17, 2009

photographs and memories.

the title says it all.
but i have none.
i mean. none taken that sunny sunday.
that day that i will never ever forget in my entire life.

wargh! menyesal gile lak tak amik mase tu.

yela. bukan senang nak pakai baju kaler yang same.
kebetulan lak tu.
i repeat.
bkn dirancang okay?

bukannye ape. malu gile sey.
takkan aku nak tergedik2 cakap nak amik gamba lak.
jatuh la standard aku. woo woo.

whatever it is. i really enjoyed that so-called date.
being with you-know-who.
sangat berharap there will be a second one.
and the third one, and the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth, and the seventh, and the ...

hohoho. sudah lebih nampak.

kepada encik naza kia,
sila lah belanja saye lg.
nanti saye belanje gak.
lepas carrot susu, saye belanje aiskrim lak!
aiskrim mesia singgit satu. hahaha.

hugs and kisses. ;P

p/s: wise man said, only fools rush things. and i'm one of the fools. ;)

February 13, 2009

tagged by nurul, si kakak makcik.

Peraturan Tag

• 3 lagu yang wajib ada dalam playlist.
• 3 barang yang wajib bawa bersama.
• 3 tempat yang dekat di hati.
• 3 laman web yang selalu dilawati (selain Facebook, Friendster, dan Myspace)
• 3 blog yang mahu di-tag

3 lagu yang wajib ada dalam playlist:

  • invincible by jesse mccartney. [i just love this song. and jesse of course. ;)]
  • love story by rain/bi. [i love the rhythm of this song. not quite a rain lover.]
  • thinking of you by katy perry. [lagu ini sgt sedey. i cried when i 1st listened to it.]

3 barang yang wajib bawa bersama:

  • duit.
  • hp.
  • ic/lesen.

3 tempat yang dekat di hati:

  • pandan indah, kl.
  • rawang, selangor.
  • tempat shopping ley kira x? haha. ;P
3 laman web yang selalu dilawati:
  • [best sbb everyday ade je comments, msgs and sume2 tu.]
  • [sumber maklumat utama ku.]
  • [a place for noob gamers.]
3 blog yang mahu di-tag:
  • cik nurul mohammed dh tagged. so xkn nk tag lg kot. hehe.
  • shaheera razak. tp die msti tamau. haha.
  • nk tag org yg xde blog ley ke? hehe.

tak ku sangka blog ku ini ada pembaca nya.

skemata gile tajuk di atas. hahaha.
aku bru dimaklumkn bhw blog ku ini ade pembaca nye.
oleh itu. aku trpkse men-delete bbrp posts yg dh lame.
sudah tiba ms nye aku mg-update blog ini.

kpd pakcik aswad si jambu yg xsbrp nk jambu. haha.
ko dh bc blog aku kn?
jgn dok sebar2 cite2 kt org lain sudah.
trmasuk la encik naza kia. ok?
klau x siap la ko aku keje kn.
wakaka. [gelak scr zalim.]

kpd kakak makcik.
old post abt bdk boroi tu.
buat2 cm xbc la eh.
act i xnk org bc.
tu yg post kt sini.
x sangka lak ade org bc.
segan gile! hehe. ;P