December 31, 2007

new year's resolutions.

its new year's eve.
i bet everyone have their own ways to celebrate it.
as for me. i'll be stuck at home. watching tv. eagerly waiting to see fireworks from my balcony.
just like the year before. and the year before that year. and the year before that two years.
urgh. enough crapping.

these are my 2007's resolutions. lets see whether i made it or not.

1. get better grades. check.
2. to be nicer. erm. check. i guess.
3. get a change or a makeover. check for change. uncheck for makeover.
comment: i changed from a emo slash goth girl into a lil-bit-plumpy-and-chubby-but-not-fat girl who craves for chocolates and food.
4. get a bf. uncheck.
5. i cant recalled the others. check. haha.

haha. my 2007's resolutions suck. esp the fourth one. i've been single like 1 year and 2 months. thats really sucks. i've met like gazillions of hot guys [majority: high school students.] but no one ever fall for me. maybe i'm a jinx when it comes to guys.
ah. what the heck. it's not like it's the end of the world if you don't have that special someone.
i mean at the moment. because we eventually will meet them sooner or late right?

i made a new way better resolutions for 2008. here goes.

1. get better grades and cgpas for both sems.
2. be much more nicer, friendlier with others. more outgoing.
note: i've been quite a jerk to lots of my friends. sorry guys.
3. get a crash course for driving. i really need to drive again.
4. to grow up. i'm going to be 21 next year. but i have the body of a 15 or 16 year old.
[you guys have any ideas how to be big even though you're already stop growing?]
5. make an extreme makeover to myself. my room. and my house.
comment: these can be done on my next sem break for 3 months.
6. to do something big or huge plus risky and fun!
[i hope any of my fav rockbands will held concerts here in malaysia and i'm not gonna miss them like i missed muse concert. i regreted for not going!]
7. get a cute guy to be my bf. it's predictable huh? :P

these are my lucky no seven [not slevin] resolutions. i hope i can make them come true!