February 13, 2010

Try to be FAME-ous

I'm not very fond of lovey-dovey songs,
but it's like I've been strucked by a love arrow by Mr. Cupid,
and it hits me right through my chest, eh, my heart.

Such a beautiful song with a meaningful lyrics,
I heart this song the minute I heard it.

TRY by Asher Book.

I'm gonna watch FAME after this, like totally gonna watch it.
Right after I run a one whole day GLEE marathon.


And oh, Happy Tiggery Chinese New Year,
and Happy Lalalove V-Day peeps!

February 4, 2010

Mrs Cold

It's been soooo long since I last blogged.
Last time I posted a review about Charlie Bartlett, it was like, 5 months ago!
Am I that busy?
Nahh! Not really tho!
My life has been hectic, that's all. LOL. :D

It has been 3 weeks since I've started my practical, but never got a chance to teach, just yet.
I will be teaching 2 science classes, as their Chemistry teacher. And yes, I am the replacement, as the former Chemistry teacher's belly is just waiting to get popped!
(She's pregnant, and she will deliver a baby soon, if you don't get what I mean)

But I've been to 3 little bratty's classes before, as I had to relief their classes.
And you know what they called me?

"Cikgu ni sporting la,"
"Cikgu, kawan saye cakap cikgu Ker Ai,"

"Cikgu dah kawin ke belum? Single lagi? Nak no tepon boleh?"

Darn, I don't wanna be called all that.

Sape nak kan? Cikgu jenis macam tu la selalu kena pijak kelape kan! Eh, kepale! :D
So I've decided myself to become a Mrs Cold Teacher,
but not that cold la kan, nanti budak2 menyampah lak.

Me and my friend have been on a rough boat during our 3 weeks time at school, got quite an issue with the school's administrator. But it's okay, nasib baik cikgu2 lain sume nye baik2 belaka, so just bear with her and the school for another 3 and 1/2 months, Lisa!
Sekejap je tu kan?

Trouble is a friend, right? :D

But despite all those depressing things that happened to me lately,
(plus I'm terribly sick right now, I'm down with a flu, cold, fever, sore throat, u name it, which I think is a blessing, as I can get a leave, and hopefully an MC. haha)
I'm blessed to be concerned by my loving family and friends.

Feeling more blessful
(is there such a word? ke bliss
ful? serious berkarat english aku. haha)
when there is someone who keeps telling me that he loves me, more than anything in this world.
And he didn't just say it, he shows and proves his love to me, by doing all those things I would have never think a bf would do to a gf.

It's like, you're married to him and you're his responsibility, in other words, he thinks of you like a wife, that sort of feeling.
I don't want to go bragging about things that he has done for me.
It's enough for me to say that, I feel so blessed, and so lucky to have him in my life.

Je T'aime, Mohd Ashraf Sharifuddin.