April 28, 2009

false alarm.

i take back my words.

NOT all guys suck.

there are still nice, decent, boy-next door kinda guys.

i thought they were all dead. or extinct at the very least. but i was wrong. ;)

when it comes to the subject of LOVE, we both failed with flying colors.

i pity you azman, but we are just the same, we are the loners in love, unlucky in love.

you're one of the bestest guy friend i ever have, and i heart you. ;)

let's just forget about this thing called love.

being single is not that bad, we can flirt with whoever we wanted, and then dump them in the trash can or sanitary landfills for good. ha-ha.

am i that cruel or what? ;P

p/s: being emo brings no harm to anyone zaki. i'm not a serial killer. ;P

guys, they should just die.

no offense guys, but i think you guys SUCK.


i'm lucky to be a girl.

all the ladies in the house say oh~ ;)

April 17, 2009

serabai nye si geli mat!

i was LAUGHING MY ARSE OFF to these two vids.

diorang mmg tade keje. buat translations gile lawak camtu.

tapi sangat kelaka. gile babeng ar. wakakaka.

sebelum itu, sila kuatkan volume anda. jangan mute ok?

enjoy! ;D

my fav vid. ;P

ini baru name nye mikail jaksun. (bak kate ayah, my dad. ;P)

April 12, 2009

terbakar macam lilin.

i'm sick and tired being sick and tired.

and i'm burning like a candle. terbakar macam lilin.


p/s: i wanna have a WHITE TIE AFFAIR with the omg-smokin-HOT vocalist, Chris Wallace.

and yeah.
the model shouldn't have exposed too much of her skin. ;P