December 31, 2011

A trip down the memory lane

Sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk tahun baru dah.
Where did all the time go eh? *musykil*
My writing skill is getting poorer these days. Including this one, this will be the seventh post for 2011.
I should blog more in 2012.

So let see what I have achieved so far in 2011.

Source : Tumblr

1. To buy BlackBerry Bold 9700 - I bought a HTC Desire instead of BB Bold. That counts right?
2. To be FIT, not FAT! - Erk. Have to carry forward in 2012. Hehe.
3. To move out - I will not move out soon, so this one is KIV.
4. To save more money, and to spend less money - Carry forward.
5. To become Great Teacher Lisa - Again, carry forward.
6. To be more optimistic, to have positive views about life so that I can be a better person - Same!
7. To enjoy life to the fullest! - Again. The same.
8. To get married (?) - No comment at the moment.

One out of eight? Aiyaaa. *scratches head*
Daymmm. Gotta be more realistic this 2012.
I wanna make it short and sweet, so here goes!

2012 Resolutions

1. To be healthy. Be gone fat!
2. To have financial budget. Less shop, more saving.
3. To be spontaneous.
4. To be a better person. To forgive and to forget.
5. To be happy and make other people happy.

2012 Wishes

- Brand new laptop
- Brand new car. KIV.
- Brand new husband? Hee. No comment. I'm happy the way it is now. I'll be waiting for him. Tapi jangan lama-lama ye, Mr Giggles? :p

2011, thanks for the memories.
2012, please be good to me.

December 1, 2011

Dream a little dream

I was having a hard time to sleep last night.
I kept on thinking,
"What's driven me to stay alive?"
"What would I want to achieve in life?"
"What are the things that I wanna do before I die?"
Well, I can't come up with a list of 100 things to do before I die like the guys from "The Buried Life", but I'm positive about this short term goal of mine, which of course is realistic, and that is to have my own mini library.

Source : Google

I mean, how cool is that to have your own library in your house?
I am a book lover myself, so this is like heaven for me. A mini heaven to be precise.
So from now on, I will keep on collecting more and more and more books, and read them of course!
Wish me luck ya!

Source : BookXcess' wall photos

"A book a day, keeps boredom away" - Anonymous

November 29, 2011

Miss me much?

Please ignore the title. Saje gedik-ing kejap.
But hey, I'm back! And I'm back for good! :)

I've been thinking of losing my weight this holiday.
Yup, ramai cakap aku dah gems. Gems as in G to the E to the M to the U to the K.
So my mission during this holiday, is to lose some weight and be fit.
Kira azam tahun baru lah ni.
But no diet for me. Takde perkataan DIET dalam kamus hidup aku. Nada.
So exercising is the answer. No pain no gain.
I just need a little faith in myself. Dah cuti sebulan ni penyakit M makin menjadi-jadi lah. Hehe.

Alright, enough babbling. Gonna babble to you guys soon.
Peace out! \m/

August 13, 2011

Kerja Gila!

Hey all! Salam and Happy Sunday!
Wow, it has been another 3 months since I last updated my blog. Gila punya busy cikgu ni!
Yup yup, I am busy, stressed out, pening kepala, seram sejuk, tak senang duduk, anxious, nervous, gelabah, afraid, confused. You name it. Semua ada.
Some of you must be wondering, what is wrong with me? Apo kono jang?
Well, biasa lah, work problems, family problems, love problems, marriage problems, blablabla...
Eh wait, marriage problems? Bila masa lak Lisa kahwin?
Haha, takde la. Memang belum kawin lagi. Takde jodoh lagi. Aku just stress bangat bila ramai orang tanya pasal kahwin kat aku. Sebabnya, aku takde plan langsung about it. Seriously peeps. Bukan taknak plan, ada banyak gila plan in my mind ni, but, whats the use kalau sebelah pihak lagi tamau cerita pasal bab-bab tu dengan aku, just yet. Plus, aku pun tak bersedia lagi, eventhough bila tengok ramai kawan-kawan dah tunang, kahwin, and dapat baby (!) memang aku jealous gila!  
Eh, berapa kali gila aku dah mentioned eh?

Ehhhh, dah lari topik la. Tajuk tulis kerja gila kan. So patut cerita pasal tu la kan.
Okay, okay, pasal kerja gila tu, tetiba aku terfikir semalam, my life is so fricking boring, and I feel like doing something extreme, like really extreme, for instance:
- fly away from here to any place that comes up to mind like the land down under ke, the city of mushy love like Seoul ke (eh, bukan city of love tu Paris ke?), tempat yang sejuk-sejuk lah, without telling anyone.
- go backpacking ke (eh, bukan lebih kurang cam kat atas ni ke?)
- tak pergi sekolah for days, shutting off all kinds of communication and just lie in bed, doing nothing other than sleeping, or should I say hibernating? 
- and anything yang extreme lah, can think of another one. Puasa lah. Hehe :D 

Do you have your own kerja gila that you really wanna do but cannot make it happen due to work, family or money? Please do share with me ya :)

P/S: Pardon me for the rojak language.

May 7, 2011

In hiatus!

Ya Allah, sedar tak sedar rupa-rupa nya dah tiga bulan aku tak update blog. Tiga bulan babe! Sibuk bebenor cikgu ni. :D

Takde la. Nak cakap sibuk tu memang lah sibuk, tapi orang lain pun sibuk juga kan, tapi boleh je update blog tiap-tiap hari. Bukan apa, there's nothing interesting happened to me lately, so there's nothing to update kan.

Pergi sekolah, balik sekolah, tidur, makan, tidur balik. Itu je lah kerja aku seharian. Plus minus with all the works yang aku bawa balik setiap hari.

Oh oh! Last Friday I went to Maroon 5's concert and my baby Desire just turned 2 weeks old! Ke 3 weeks old eh? I can't remember it myself.

 Adam Levine! I love you! :D

I've heard so many news about my friends, my cousins getting engaged, getting married out of the blue. Honestly, I'm really jealous with y'all but I'm extremely happy though! Semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu :)

Uhm? What about me? Hee. Don't ask. I don't have any plans to get engaged or even married soon. So don't worry, I won't drop a bomb and surprise you guys with the news that I'm already married. Maybe in 3-4 years time, hopefully. I want to enjoy my single life first, commitment is not in my dictionary, just yet.

Okay, enough with the yada yada blablabla. Just wanna wish Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mom and to all mothers out there! I'm not sure what to buy for her but I hope I can figure something out.

Till we meet again peeps! Toodles!

February 5, 2011

Let's celebrate the month of love!

Hey all. Just wanna update a tiny bit of what happened in my life. For those who care of course.

Work - A week of holidays definitely makes me feel at peace. How I miss those days huha-ing and lazing around, being a couch potato thus making me plump (a little bit :P) No need to say about those junks in my trunk :D I miss having no obligations, no commitments and certainly stress-free life. But, life must go on kan. My new motto would be, less whining, more working! Hehehe :D

Money - Having my own pay check definitely almost making me a shopaholic! Almost! I need a financial assistant that can manage my money. Oh ya, btw, aku tak jadi beli BB. Cam ramai sangat orang guna, so sekarang tengah berkira-kira nak beli iPhone or Android. Which one is better eh? (Baru kerja dua tiga bulan dah berangan pakai handphone canggih :D)

Family and friends - Same ol, same ol. How I wish I can spend more time with them. Cuti seminggu tak cukup kot nak jumpa semua orang!

Love - Stable. Enough said. Tapi bila tengok ramai kawan-kawan yang dah nak kawin, yang dah bertunang, terasa macam jealous lak (bukan macam, memang jealous pun, mula lah terasa bila turn kita lak, hehe :D) Anyhow, I'm truly and sincerely happy for them. But nak share sikit kat sini, if your future husband or future fiance is just like Chris Medina, insya-Allah, akan berbahagia lah you all hingga ke anak, cucu, cicit, piut semua. Siapa kah Chris Medina? Check out this video!

May this month of love will bring us more joy and happiness! Toddles!

January 7, 2011

The First

So this is my first entry in 2011. Woo-hoo! (Bukan woo-hoo dalam The Sims eh :P)

First week being a teacher, it was damn hectic and so kelam-kabut!
I was tired, and exhausted, hampir menjadi lembik (Recommendation of supplement anyone?)
So many things to do, jadi bidan terjun pun ada. Ada je kerja yang diberi, on the spot pulak tu.
Haihh. Sabar je lah.

Sape cakap jadi cikgu tu senang? Jadi cikgu ni kena versatile, semua kena tahu. Bukan penyanyi je yang kena versatile.

I hope I can get through this.

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat hamba-Mu ini dalam menghadapi dugaan dan cabaran yang mendatang. Amin.