February 5, 2011

Let's celebrate the month of love!

Hey all. Just wanna update a tiny bit of what happened in my life. For those who care of course.

Work - A week of holidays definitely makes me feel at peace. How I miss those days huha-ing and lazing around, being a couch potato thus making me plump (a little bit :P) No need to say about those junks in my trunk :D I miss having no obligations, no commitments and certainly stress-free life. But, life must go on kan. My new motto would be, less whining, more working! Hehehe :D

Money - Having my own pay check definitely almost making me a shopaholic! Almost! I need a financial assistant that can manage my money. Oh ya, btw, aku tak jadi beli BB. Cam ramai sangat orang guna, so sekarang tengah berkira-kira nak beli iPhone or Android. Which one is better eh? (Baru kerja dua tiga bulan dah berangan pakai handphone canggih :D)

Family and friends - Same ol, same ol. How I wish I can spend more time with them. Cuti seminggu tak cukup kot nak jumpa semua orang!

Love - Stable. Enough said. Tapi bila tengok ramai kawan-kawan yang dah nak kawin, yang dah bertunang, terasa macam jealous lak (bukan macam, memang jealous pun, mula lah terasa bila turn kita lak, hehe :D) Anyhow, I'm truly and sincerely happy for them. But nak share sikit kat sini, if your future husband or future fiance is just like Chris Medina, insya-Allah, akan berbahagia lah you all hingga ke anak, cucu, cicit, piut semua. Siapa kah Chris Medina? Check out this video!

May this month of love will bring us more joy and happiness! Toddles!