August 28, 2009

MTV World Stage, my first big concert: Part II.

hello again! thanks for sticking around.
(mesti korang pikir, apehal lak stick around, dah ko tagged aku kan? it's been two weeks dah pun. Mtv World Stage fever dah habis dah. haha. tak kira. nak story gak. :P)

so now, i'm gonna go straight, no belok2, wanna tell you guys about the performances.

it started with Estranged, rocking out as the opening act. well, they were awesome, and i'm proud of them because they are one of the Malaysian rock bands that can make it big internationally, but i'm not very fond of them. i'm just very fond to Andy Estranged je. hehe.
i'm not that familiar with their songs, i recalled “Itu Kamu” number je, yang lain aku tatau. :P and mase tu belum start terkinja lagi, masih shy shy cat dengan Shiela and Ami yang baru ku jumpe dan kenal.

oooh Andy! >.<

erk. who's the mime?

then, it was Boys Like Girls turn to rock. gosh, Martin Johnson was damn hot! seriously! i was like drooling all the way they perform. they were superb! fantastically freaking awesome! they were playing their hit numbers such as Hero/Heroine (damn, I love that song!), The Great Escape and Thunder (the crowd went wild and we sang along with Martin, basically he didn’t have to sing, he didn’t have to do anything, us the crowd were doing his part, singing all the way. and rocking all the way. us Malaysians really know how to rock, despite all the sweats, the humidity, and the crowdedness.) his vocals were awesome! he can really hit high notes, live! Martin was even made credits to the bands performing by making us screaming their names, how cool is that? and he even climbed off that scaffolding. damn, he's cool, and cute too! i just cant get enough of the boys! di saat ini lah daku sudah mula start terkinja-kinja sambil bertopeng! haha. Ami too. Shiela tak sangat, sebab mood die swing swing from the table side, my heart is crush by a former love, ( haha, AAR belum perform lagi ah. :P) that’s why tak berani kacau die. :P

me, YOU *points at me* and my medication. lmao.

marry me, Mr Martin Johnson. (this is an honest proposal okay people). :D

kay, enough about the boys, it was Raygun’s turn. Raygun is a rising british act, so i bet not many peeps know about them. ive listened to their songs once or twice, and i actually like them. they were awesome too. okayla. band baru kan. not that familiar with them. somehow the frontman reminded me of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. :)

the next Alex Turner, may be?

once they performed, it was Pixie Lott’s turn, the british hot blondie. the only female singer for that nite. i don’t really listen to Pixie Lott, but her songs are cool. like a lil bit of Katy Perry, mix up with Taylor Swift looks kinda songs kot. and surprisingly kan, Ami tau almost all the songs as she sang along to them. i never knew that she's into Pixie Lott too. that’s why i called her super girl-who-knows-it-all-lyric. way cool. :)

hot eh?

oh gosh. panjang benar ni. shall be continued in part III.


(photos are courtesy of MTV

August 17, 2009

MTV World Stage, my first big concert: Part I.

first thing first, to shiela and ami, sila jangan menyampah with me for posting this. :P i was just damn excited, gile nye, and i also wanna make everyone who didnt come last nite, jealous like hell. :P

embrace yourself guys, it is gonna be a long one. :D

my amazing hectic saturday started with peeps kept calling me for the MTV World Stage tickets. jadi famous la for one day. lol. yup, i sold a pair of tickets. buat bisnes sket. if tak jadi cikgu, aku ley jadi businesswoman kot. ahaha. arep and nurul were like asking me to sell the tickets for much higher price, tapi if i sell with those prices, tade sape nak beli kot. nak cakap untung, tak gak, sebab voucher xpax tak diredeem. tapi last2 tu kawan ami cakap takyah kene tunjuk IC and sign pun.

so arep, u owe me rm100. hahaha . lmao. :D

enough about the tickets. nak story about the concert lak.

i went there with shiela, tumpang "alfa romeo" die. ahaha. saje menggedik suruh shiela amik aku, nak bermanje2. haha. it was the first time i've met her. finally! first time jumpe, i was like, gile superCOOL shiela! and superHOT too! (ikhlas ni babe, ko kene belanje aku caramel frapp ok? :P) nasib i'm not a guy, (or a lesbo as a matter of fact. haha.) and she was like a mom too, kira boleh jadi ibu mithali la, dah boleh kawin ah. ahaha. oh and i learned a new word from shiela. now i know what is COD. cash on delivery. kurang pengetahuan am betul aku ni. haha.

we make a great couple, eh? *wink-wink*

after that, sampai kt entrance, we met ami, arep's college buddy. first time hanging out with her, she's like supercute! and superhyper too! and super girl-who-knows-it-all-lyrics. a girl with a very loud voice she is. :D

wanna know why? stick around. :P

with ami, my madu. yeah, we're married to tyson ritter and henry golding. and im engaged to martin johnson. haha. lmao. :D

at first we were like standing in the middle of the surf beach. damn, it was fcuking crowded gile, sampai aku tak boleh bernafas. dahlah crowded, pastu the guys who stood in front of us were like tall, tinggi macam galah, pastu dengan bau rokok lagi. i was like,

dudes, don’t you guys know that we couldn’t smoke once we got into the surf beach? duhh!

sesak gak ah masa tu. me and shiela were wearing mask for caution. we were like, a mask rider join venture with tuxedo bertopeng (sailormoon nye laki). macam nak g berperang, bak kate shiela. :D

tuxedo bertopeng female version. :D

pastu tetiba my annoying little sis called. die nak extra ticket, nasib baik darrell xjadi g, kalau tak, memang kawan die tu tak dapat masuk. gile ah. dahla dah berdiri kat tengah2 tu, tetibe kene kua balik la. i was like, wtf? she was getting on my nerves! bukan nak cakap awal2. so i had to go back to the main entrance which i felt like a miles away from the surf beach. gile penat. rase nak pengsan pun ade mase tu. and dalam hati aku menyumpah seranah, i was even yelling at my sis when she called. once i passed the extra ticket, i made a u-turn back to the beach. dalam hati cakap, just smile lisa, just smile. (shiela and ami, you guys tatau hakikat sebenar kan? haha.)

while waiting for the gig to start, i’ve met kecik. die tegur dulu. i was like, tak sangka dalam beribu-ribu lemon orang ni, ley terjumpe dengan die. serious ke kecik, i looked diff ke? ramai kot yang cakap camtu. tapi about the taller thingy, i rase tak sangat kot. ke you tu yang makin kecik? :P i tot sara was going, but she didnt, if not ley sembang2 kejap with me and kecik. :)

will be continued in part II. :D

we rocked hard: sweating, jumping up and down, singing along and screaming like mad, hell yeah! \m/

p/s: this is like a tribute sket to shiela and ami for rocking out with me that nite. thanks babes. you guys are awesome. i heart you guys. ^.^