December 30, 2008

2009! here i come!

im not gonna yada-yada, blablabla for this post.
these are my resolutions for 2008. lets check whether i fulfill them or not.

1. get better grades and cgpas for both sems.
uncheck. i sucked at both sems. ughh. dont know why.

2. be much more nicer, friendlier with others. more outgoing.
can i say atas pagar? yes i've been nicer. but still. i might hurt others without even
knowing it. and i was hurt myself. like soo many times this year (2008 is what i meant).

3. get a crash course for driving.
well. i drove once. like pusing-pusing for i dont know how many times. i really need to conquer my fears of accidents and stuffs.

4. to grow up.
i got a lot of junk in my trunk. does that count too? haha.

5. make an extreme makeover to myself. my room. and my house.
makeover to myself; check. to my room and my house; uncheck.

6. to do something big or huge plus risky and fun!
haha. this is the crappiest resolution ever! uncheck.

7. get a cute guy to be my bf.
i achieved this one believe it or not! infact, he's not just cute, he's a hottie. haha.
so lucky me to have ahmad farhan kamaruddin as my bf.

the ahmad farhan bin kamaruddin.
my dear han-ey.
my amad yg tomey.
my cinapek yg hot gile.
my bucuk yg manje gile.
my shrek, the green ogre.
my sugar pie honey bunch.

i've been thinking what are my new year's resolutions for 2009.
pretty hard.
but i came up with nothing. haha.

i guess it will be pretty much the same. minus the crappy ones.
and some add ons.

1. to get much much good grades and cgpas for this upcoming sem.
farhan and i promised to compete with each other. i don't want him to outshine me. haha.

2. to survive my practical which will be somewhere in june/july.
i'm really scared to face this! infact, it's not fair for us to do practical during our 7th sem! please God gives us miracles and make them change back to sem 8.

3. to be a good gf. a good friend. a good sister and of course a good daughter.
be a good gf to my ahmad farhan kamaruddin, a good friend to my friends, be much more nicer to my lil sister (i don't know if i ever can be one. haha.) and a really darling daughter to my parents (i'm not sure about this one too.)

4. to save more money. to buy a brand new laptop. and other possesions. and pay back my phone debts to my dad.
i think i can handle this one. i have to set up a budget. ASAP.

5. try not to reminisce those photographs and memories being in love with you-know-who.
i still want him to be my friend though. even if he doesn't want to. i still love u as my bestfriend, my one and only pakcik boroi. if u read this, i'm sorry for everything.

thats it. i think five resols are good enough. i hope i can fulfill them! ganbatte kudasai lisa farhana! ;)