October 15, 2010


Satu, sebab menang Adam Lambert nye contest and I have won myself a pair of tickets, an autographed CD by Mr. Lambert himself, and a pair of Meet and Greet passes! Tak sangka menang. And tak sia-sia la kredit digi aku habis. Thanks to Fly FM and DiGi!

Dua, sebab dapat jumpe Adam la! What else can it be! Hehe. Eventhough sekejap (and tak dapat amik gambar personally and get an autograph) dah bersyukur sangat dah sebab dapat jumpe Adam up close, and I even got a chance to hug him! (I don't care what people say, this is once in a life time man! Susah kot nak jumpe Adam!) Just that I was a little bit sad with all those protestors though. It is called discrimination people! Don't judge Adam based on his sexual orientation, judge him based on his talent. When they said that Adam is a bad influence, hey c'mon! We can think on our own and we have to decide what is right and what is wrong by ourselves. Take all the positive things about him la. Don't follow the bad ones.

So kalau ade orang tanye, kenape suke Adam? Die kan gay.

Simple je. Sebab die memang sangat talented. I love him for his music, not because of other things.

Erk. Tetibe cam serious, nak emo lak. *buat muka happy balik*

The concert was absolutely superb and phenomenal! Adam definitely rocked the night and make us the Glamberts very daymn happy! Please come back to Malaysia, Adam! We all heart you so much! (macam la Adam baca blog aku ni kan, haha :D)

Okay okay, enough about Adam (sorry la terlebih excited sket).

Tiga nye, kenape saye gembira kan, sebab nye, esok saya akan dikonvokan! I hope that I will make my parents proud. And Insya-Allah, lepas konvo ni, misi mencari kerja akan lebih digiatkan. Doakan saye berjaya ye rakan-rakan! :)

October 13, 2010


Satu. Sebab tak dapat pegi tengok si Glambert beraksi live esok. Dah banyak kali masuk contest untuk menang tiket konsert, tapi takde rezeki. *sobs*
Kenape tak beli je tiket? Sebabnye, saye memang broke (bukan berok ye, harap maklum) jadi saye takde duit nak beli tiket. Lagipun, takde orang nak tengok Glambert bersame saye. Adik saye tu kemut, nak tiket free je (Same la dengan kakak nye. Haha :D)

Dua. Sebab tak menang contest untuk dapat tiket konsert tengok Paramore. Memang berharap sangat-sangat-sangat nak menang, sebab itu je peluang yang agak cerah untuk dapat tiket free. *sigh*

Tiga. Sebab Mr. Giggles cam busy minggu ni. Hadiah birthday pun tak dibeli lagi sebab tatau nak beli ape untuk saye. Haihh. Sedih la. Dah nak hampir sebulan ni. Hurmm.

Harap-harap hari saye dikonvokan yakni hari Sabtu ini membuatkan saye menjadi lebih gembira. Saye tak kisah kalau tak dapat bunga, dapat seekor beruang kutub pun jadi la. :)

October 5, 2010


I had a high school crush. His name is William. I didn't know much about him as he is just plain mysterious, who always read a book in a quiet corner. And that is what I like about him. He is the only exception for me.

"Hey Liz. There goes your vampire-looking crush." My friend, Haley said to me one morning, in the school cafeteria.

"How do I look?" I gussy up myself.

"Just the way you are. Not much difference." LOL. She's being supportive alright.

I flashed a bright braceface smile to him. He smiled back with crooked teeth of his and walked away.

Haley shook her head once William was out of sight.

"What do you like about him anyway? He looks dead to me."

"It's just a little crush. No big deal." I lied. It was a big deal to me. How I wish I have the guts to talk to him.

The next morning, I had a stomachache. Bloody Coke! (not the drugs alright) I shouldn't have drink a can during recess. Not many knows that I have a gastric gene inside of me.

 "Why in the world would you drink a Coke if you knew you will be having a gastric?" Haley asked me.

"Because you asked me to drink your bloody Coke!" I shrieked.

"Erk. Sorry. I bought the wrong can. I wanted a 100 plus, not a Coke." Haley made her puppy-eyed face.

I rolled my eyes.

"Why don't you just go to the toilet and finish your misery business once and for all?" Haley suggested.

"Nah, I don't feel like doing that. I just need to burp." And so I burped.

"Gross Liz! Not in the public!"

"There's no one here." I looked around the cafeteria. The rest of the students have gone back to their classes. There were only a couple of students left. The bell has rung.

And so I burped again. This time I let out a big one I almost squawked. It was not like there's anyone here besides me and Haley right? Oh man. It felt so relieved.



"Your crush..." Haley whispered.

"Huh? I can't hear you!" I leaned in to her across the table.

"Your crushcrushcrush!" She almost squealed and pointed to me, to my back to be exact.

"Wow, you sure are amazing!" I heard a soothing boyish voice.

Oh no.

I turned my back and saw him. Yes. It was him. The William.

He gave me a big thumbs up with a very wide, big grin.

"Man, that was really cool! We should compete sometime. I was the Champion of Burping for three years in a row. You sure can beat the hell out of me. Catch ya later!" He grinned again and made his way to the class.

I stared at Haley in horror. Oh my God!

"Hey, don't say that I didn't warn you. Look on the bright side, he's talking to you now." Haley laughed.

Now all my dreams of being romantic with William are crushed. I can only imagine him burping out alternately with me like a couple of mating frogs. Great.

The End.

P/s: This is just a short story fiction that I wrote to win a pair of Paramore's concert tix. What do you guys think? :)

October 3, 2010

Review: Ready or Not? by Chris Manby

Hey guys! I've been meaning to write this review couple of weeks ago, but, as usual, a friend called Procrastination kept on delaying me (haha) He's not around for today, so I decided to review this chick lit ASAP (before he comes back :D)

I've never read any books by Chris Manby before, and I decided to try this one. And guess what, I was hooked! While reading this book, I simply couldn't put it down.

The story plot is very simple, not complicated at all, it was about a woman named Heidi Savage who is engaged to a goody two shoes guy called Ed and along the engagement period, she was hesitated whether she's ready to get married or not to this one particular guy. She was terrified by the fact that his fiance's rugby friends kept bullying him, she could not take care of a six month old baby named Forester, the son of her best friend Kara who is now a single mother without the help by his fiance and the fact that she met his old ex-boyfriend named Steven and it brought back sweet, fond memories of them being together.

The ending was very predictable but I was laughing all the way through. This book is simply for those who wants a light and relax read. There's no pressure in reading this chick lit book.

On the scale of 1 to 10, I would give this book as 8. Fair enough I think.

Chris Manby is now definitely listed as one of my favourite author! I'm gonna grab more books written by her! :)