September 16, 2009

Charlie Bartlett who?

Just finished watching Charlie Bartlett.
After days and days and days of uploading.

The movie is what I expected it to be
(as my sister kept telling me to watch it),

and I actually like it! >.<

Three words =
Quirky, funny and witty.

It is an independent film, which was released back in 2007.
(damn, I'm two years late man!)

That is why it never premiered here, in Malaysia.

The Main Casts:

Anton Yelchin, the HERO
(whom I've never heard of before and as my sister kept saying, he's darn cute!)
is suprisingly, cute, and witty, and funny.
I would want a guy like him to keep in my closet myself!
(minus when he was a drug dealer of course)

Kat Dennings (what's with the burning hot red lipstick girl?) who plays Susan Gardner which reminds me a lot of Zer, a friend of Shiela's which I've met in Facebook.

Charlie Bartlett and Susan Gardner, on the piano.

Step into Dr. Barlett's office for therapy sessions.

and then there's Robert Downey Jr., as an alcoholic principal,
the father of Susan Gardner.

Oh yeah, the term, "This is a school, not a prison," should be taken seriously.
For us teachers, I mean.

Surprisingly, Tyler Hilton, which acted as Chris Keller in One Tree Hill is in this movie too,
whom taken the role as a bully with a disturbingly mohawk hair.
Thank goodness he still has that cute feature of his.

Overall, 4 stars out of 5 is fair enough I guess.

So, if you like Juno and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
(which also featured Kat Dennings),

this movie is a definite MUST-SEE!

This is one of my favorite scene, THE Yankee Doodle scene.
I just can't stop LOL-ing.
Just hit the play button guys, Charlie Bartlett sure will make you smile.

people like YOU, are the reason people like ME need medication.

September 8, 2009

The Good Looking and Sexy (TGS) ones.

You guys must be wondering.
Who the hell are these good looking and sexy (TGS) ones?
Let the pictures do the talking.
I've got nothing to blog about.
Puasa. Brain is not properly functional.
So, here goes,

BUKA PUASA GATH with TGS girls 06/09/09

Selfi was doing that cleopatra pose.
*laugh out loud*

Bye-bye to those who can't make it. Specifically to Fadhillah. :D
Au revoir!

Goyang, goyang, goyang kepala goyang! *singing to Shiena*

Meh suap meh! >.<

Curry Mee! Yum!

Ugh. Rase lapar lak!

I should be in, too!



Ooh! I lalalove this pic! >.<

And this one too! Who's the photographer? >.<

Wani, the tour guide was being left out. *laugh out loud*

The Kakis.

Oink! Oink! Oink!

Susu, pandai gak ko snapped gambar eh!

The tour guide sesat buat kali kedua. *roll on the floor laughing*

Atlast, we found the piggy!


9 TGS Girls + Makan2 + 2 Gossips + Camwhoring to the power of 3 + Piggy Hunting + Double Triple Jokes and Laughs = One hell of a nite!

I had so much fun laughing, it's been quite a while since I laughed that hard. Thanks guys. We should plan another one soon! A trip maybe? Or iceskating?

Anything will do.

I heart you guys. Much love.

Will continue watching Charlie Bartlett.