May 28, 2009

vampires, are beautiful creatures.

despite the sharp fangs, their cravings for human blood,

they are just beautiful creatures.

edward cullen.
a beautiful name for a beautiful-looking vampire.
every girls wish to be bella swan.
every girls wish to be immortal.
every girls dream of having the eternal love.
eventhough it is forbidden.

i've found my edward cullen.
but how can he find me?

adam lambert, please be my edward cullen.

p/s: mesti you guys think, lagi-lagi adam lambert kan? well, what can i say, i am madly, deeply in love with him right now. just watch this vid, he's beautiful, so was his singing.

and, i'm proud to announce that i am officially a GLAMBERT. ;)

and it seemed like kelly is so into adam. ;)

May 20, 2009

it's a mad, mad world.

i was up early (8 am is quite early la kan? ;P) just to see who's gonna win the american idol.

i was so damn thrilled when i saw him, the sexy beast, yes, the edward cullen of rock, the rock god, the deadly snake, whatever you want to call him;

the great ADAM LAMBERT.

damn, he's hot! *drools* ;)

he's emo, and so am i!

adam and his clean cut face. he's got gorgeous blue eyes. *melts*

and when ryan was about to announce who's gonna win it, i was feeling very nervous, somehow felt like throwing up. i don't know why the heck i was feeling so nervous, butterflies and hurricanes all over.

"and the american idol 2009 is ..........




"......... kris allen!"

my heart dropped, dropped to the ground and i felt like crying.
(i was such a drama queen kan? haha. ;P)
my jaw dropped, it was shocking, i mean come on, was i dreaming?

the great ADAM LAMBERT didn't win?

why is that? why is that???

it really is a mad, mad world. is the reason why adam didn't win because he's gay? oh come on, we shouldn't judge someone based on his sexual orientation, it's prejudice. and i'm against it. it should be based on talent, and no doubt adam is very talented. who else can hit the high notes as good as adam's?

damn. i know my sister is damn excited her krissy allen won, but it's ok.
adam will be phenomenal, he will be big. just look at david archuleta, clay aiken, they didn't win AI, but they made it, they outshine the american idols themselves. not to worry adam, i will be routing, cheering, and supporting you all the way!

long live adam lambert, the rockgod!

you are my idol, adam! ;)

the young elvis. ;)

who cares if he's gay pun? he's brilliantly talented!

even katy perry is a big fan of him! not just me! ;)

p/s: i know i'm being emo and all (hey, adam lambert is an emo guy what.),
sorry guys. i just want adam to win so bad.

kris is ok, but adam is better! nak buat camne? tade rezeki kot. tape la adam. i bet you're gonna be big and phenomenal, than the so called american idol. just wait and see. anyhow, congrats kris allen for being the american idol! ;)

i fell in love with him for the first time when i heard this song. adam reminded me of muse's matthew bellamy. and i love muse. and of course adam lambert. ;)

and when i first heard this song, i totally head over heels with adam! oh adam~ and somehow this song reminds me of someone. *wink-wink*

how could you be so heartless kris?

it's a mad and cruel world for us, adam, but you've got me by your side.
and this will be the last vid i posted for today. ;)