July 9, 2009

who's loving you, who's loving me?

there are three things that i'm certain of;

1. i'm starting to like teaching. believe it or not, i do. great teacher lisa (GTL) in making. now now kids, be patience, i know you guys are eager to have this teacher by the name lisa farhana to teach you chemistry, cikgu lisa farhana to be exact. :D

2. i'm so over him, as in HIM, the guy with that cute silly face, with a cute silly smile.

3. i'm still grieving, and mourning for our late king of pop, michael jackson.

but, there are also three things that i'm not sure of;

1. i'm having this mixed up feelings again. darn. i thought i made the right decision. did i? or did i not?

2. i'm not that obsessed with either adam lambert, or rob pattinson, kot. :P

3. last night i went out with my former crush, which i don't have that lovey dovey fling anymore, kot. he treated me dinner. and as usual, him with his nervousness made me chuckled a bit. berpeluh-peluh mase makan, pedas kot. so cute of him. then later that night, he was like asking me about my current status, i bet he knew about it when he checked my fb. so i told him about farhan, and suddenly he was being weird, cam sedih pun ade gak. he said,

"saye memang nak kawan-kawan dulu,"

when i encouraged him about being friends with the girl that he likes.

then he said,

"saye memang nak slow-slow, tapi sebab slow ah sume dah diamik orang. nak buat camne, redha je la,"

and i was like eager nak tau, so i asked him who and all. die tak jawab.

instead, he said he wanted to go to bed, he got class early in the morning.

he left me with so many questions. i've been thinking, is there a chance he likes me? nahhh. cannot be la kan. takkanlah he likes me, kot.

damn. i'm confused. and i'm not that happy being with you-know-who right now. i thought we can work this thing out, but he kept on getting on my nerves. i'm cheering myself right now by listening to one of the jackson five's greatest hits,

who's loving you.

who's loving me?