December 1, 2011

Dream a little dream

I was having a hard time to sleep last night.
I kept on thinking,
"What's driven me to stay alive?"
"What would I want to achieve in life?"
"What are the things that I wanna do before I die?"
Well, I can't come up with a list of 100 things to do before I die like the guys from "The Buried Life", but I'm positive about this short term goal of mine, which of course is realistic, and that is to have my own mini library.

Source : Google

I mean, how cool is that to have your own library in your house?
I am a book lover myself, so this is like heaven for me. A mini heaven to be precise.
So from now on, I will keep on collecting more and more and more books, and read them of course!
Wish me luck ya!

Source : BookXcess' wall photos

"A book a day, keeps boredom away" - Anonymous

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