December 31, 2011

A trip down the memory lane

Sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk tahun baru dah.
Where did all the time go eh? *musykil*
My writing skill is getting poorer these days. Including this one, this will be the seventh post for 2011.
I should blog more in 2012.

So let see what I have achieved so far in 2011.

Source : Tumblr

1. To buy BlackBerry Bold 9700 - I bought a HTC Desire instead of BB Bold. That counts right?
2. To be FIT, not FAT! - Erk. Have to carry forward in 2012. Hehe.
3. To move out - I will not move out soon, so this one is KIV.
4. To save more money, and to spend less money - Carry forward.
5. To become Great Teacher Lisa - Again, carry forward.
6. To be more optimistic, to have positive views about life so that I can be a better person - Same!
7. To enjoy life to the fullest! - Again. The same.
8. To get married (?) - No comment at the moment.

One out of eight? Aiyaaa. *scratches head*
Daymmm. Gotta be more realistic this 2012.
I wanna make it short and sweet, so here goes!

2012 Resolutions

1. To be healthy. Be gone fat!
2. To have financial budget. Less shop, more saving.
3. To be spontaneous.
4. To be a better person. To forgive and to forget.
5. To be happy and make other people happy.

2012 Wishes

- Brand new laptop
- Brand new car. KIV.
- Brand new husband? Hee. No comment. I'm happy the way it is now. I'll be waiting for him. Tapi jangan lama-lama ye, Mr Giggles? :p

2011, thanks for the memories.
2012, please be good to me.

1 comment:

oneza said...

aik i tot ica oredi have ur own car? awat nk bli baru plak?

anyway, i hope all ur wishes & resolutions (as stated) do come true... amin! (tadah tangan amin cepat!)