May 7, 2011

In hiatus!

Ya Allah, sedar tak sedar rupa-rupa nya dah tiga bulan aku tak update blog. Tiga bulan babe! Sibuk bebenor cikgu ni. :D

Takde la. Nak cakap sibuk tu memang lah sibuk, tapi orang lain pun sibuk juga kan, tapi boleh je update blog tiap-tiap hari. Bukan apa, there's nothing interesting happened to me lately, so there's nothing to update kan.

Pergi sekolah, balik sekolah, tidur, makan, tidur balik. Itu je lah kerja aku seharian. Plus minus with all the works yang aku bawa balik setiap hari.

Oh oh! Last Friday I went to Maroon 5's concert and my baby Desire just turned 2 weeks old! Ke 3 weeks old eh? I can't remember it myself.

 Adam Levine! I love you! :D

I've heard so many news about my friends, my cousins getting engaged, getting married out of the blue. Honestly, I'm really jealous with y'all but I'm extremely happy though! Semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu :)

Uhm? What about me? Hee. Don't ask. I don't have any plans to get engaged or even married soon. So don't worry, I won't drop a bomb and surprise you guys with the news that I'm already married. Maybe in 3-4 years time, hopefully. I want to enjoy my single life first, commitment is not in my dictionary, just yet.

Okay, enough with the yada yada blablabla. Just wanna wish Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mom and to all mothers out there! I'm not sure what to buy for her but I hope I can figure something out.

Till we meet again peeps! Toodles!

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