November 29, 2011

Miss me much?

Please ignore the title. Saje gedik-ing kejap.
But hey, I'm back! And I'm back for good! :)

I've been thinking of losing my weight this holiday.
Yup, ramai cakap aku dah gems. Gems as in G to the E to the M to the U to the K.
So my mission during this holiday, is to lose some weight and be fit.
Kira azam tahun baru lah ni.
But no diet for me. Takde perkataan DIET dalam kamus hidup aku. Nada.
So exercising is the answer. No pain no gain.
I just need a little faith in myself. Dah cuti sebulan ni penyakit M makin menjadi-jadi lah. Hehe.

Alright, enough babbling. Gonna babble to you guys soon.
Peace out! \m/

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